victorian doll house book and paper dolls

September 13, 2011

Remember how I told you about Juliet's fantastic find at goodwill last week?
Victorian Doll House
She found a copy of Victorian Doll House which is more of a doll house than an actual book. The only book part about it is when it is folded up and inside the cover. When you open it....
victorian doll house
It's seriously one of the coolest dollhouses ever.
victorian dining room
The furniture pops up and there are so many little details to take in. How fun is that chandelier?
victorian doll house
The doors open and shut and there is even a flight of stairs in the middle. That front closet in the foyer even opens and you can "go inside it".
victorian paper dolls
Okay, so YOU can't really go inside it, but the flat little paper dolls that it comes with can--which is almost as fun.
victorian bathroom
Check out the bathroom. The toilet lid opens. And the dolls can sit in the the claw-footed tub.

This thing kept Juliet entertained all week long. She just opened it up, got out the dolls and played for hours. Well worth the $1.25 that we paid for it.

And the best part? When she's finished, you can close the book and it shrinks down to book-size. Then I can store it on the bookshelf! So practical.

These books appear to be out of print, but you can find some sellers on Amazon and get some used copies or even a brand new one (with all 5 paper dolls!--we only got 2.)

There also appears to be other similar books (dollhouses) that look amazing.
Medieval Castle: A Three-Dimensional
Medieval Castle: A Three-Dimensional (I think I might have to order this one.)
Anne of Green Gables: Pop-Up Dolls House (Children's English)
Anne of Green Gables: Pop-Up Dolls House 
Princess Palace: A Three-Demensional Playset
Princess Palace: A Three-Demensional Playset
Edwardian Doll House: A Three-Dimensional Book
Edwardian Doll House: A Three-Dimensional Book

Okay, I think I need to order all of them. Which do you think would be your favorite?

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