sunflower seed peacock art

September 5, 2011

sunflower seed peacock art
I've always loved peacocks (gorgeous feathers--what's not to love?) and lately, it seems they are popping up all over the place.

After reading Counting Birds, Juliet requested a peacock fan craft (which I'll share later this week). It started a whole series of peacock crafts and books around here, so I thought I'd share them with you this week which from now on shall be called "peacock week".

One night, while spending a few hours on pinterest, I spotted this betsey johnson peacock necklace. The tail feathers reminded me of sunflower seeds.
sunflower seeds
So I ran to the pantry and found a half eaten bag of hot and spicy jumbo sunflower seeds and confiscated them for crafting. (Sorry, Ben!)
painting seeds
Juliet and I took about a week to complete this craft. We only have time during Lucia's nap time, so we just do a little bit every day. Seriously--like five minutes a day over a week. The first thing we did was paint about 20 seeds green. We dried dipping them, but found that using a paint brush was easier.
painting sunflower seeds
After they dried, we used the end of the paintbrush to make one blue dot on each seed. Then we let that dry.
peacock sunflower seed
This is hard to see, but lastly, we made one smaller dot (in a different shade of blue) on top of the blue dot still using the end of the paint brush. Once those dried, we had our feathers.
peacock art
Somewhere along the way, I stopped taking pictures (this seriously took us a week, but it doesn't have to--we just took our time with it.) But to complete the project, we glued the seeds/feathers down and then I drew a peacock body and head. It's not hard--essentially, it's two ovals (body and head) connected by a long skinny neck.

I tried it out with a pencil on a scrap sheet of paper first. Then you add a tiny triangle for the beak, a dot for the eye, and some curly lines for the head feathers.
peacock kids craft
Juliet's tail feathers are more cascading--I like how they flow. She also insisted upon placing her peacock on a pink piece of paper--because there is no other color. (I had a hard time convincing her to paint the feathers blue and green!)

We finished our work off with some "P" stickers and used the letter stamps to write "peacock". I actually messed up my stamp work, so I had to re-do it and cut it out and glue on top of my mistake.
peacock art bookshelf
I found two two-dollar frames at Target for our art, but then Juliet went and painted me her first "painting that looks like something" and she wanted me to frame that instead! I did frame my peacock and it's a colorful piece on my living room bookshelves.

This was such a fun craft week. We were both able to work on our own project and use the same materials. It didn't take a lot of time and was easy to clean up and put away before little sister came back down from her nap. (She can stand, reach, grab and therefore EAT things on the craft table these days--so we have to really clean up well!)

Limelight Larry
We did this craft at the beginning of August and at some point, I noticed that Tiger Tales had a peacock book called Limelight Larry coming out in the fall. I decided to wait and see if they were going to send me a review copy--which they did! (Thank you, Tiger Tales!)

The book is great--Juliet and I got a kick out of Larry and his need to be in the spotlight (he eventually learns that it's better to share the stage with others). As usual, the illustrations were incredible with lots and lots of gorgeous blue and green peacock feathers throughout the book.

Tomorrow, I've got another beautiful vintage peacock book to share with you from my collection. I think you are going to love it.

For a popsicle stick peacock--go here.

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