popsicle stick peacock kids craft

September 7, 2011

popsicle stick peacock craft
After completing our traditionally colored peacock project, I thought we should do a pink version for Juliet. (It's her favorite color.)

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the process, but it's pretty simple:

What you need:

popsicle sticks
and a tiny bit of feather
googly eye (optional)

popsicle stick peacock kids craft
We just stacked sequins to make the eye designs on the feathers. Juliet chose to paint her popsicle sticks pink first.

We cut out a peacock shape for the body (think two ovals --one large (body) and one small (head)--connected by a skinny neck. Be sure to make a triangle shaped beak on the end of the smaller oval and you've got a peacock.

Add a tiny bit of feather on top of the head and either stack some sequins to form an eye or use a googly eye to give him an extra alert look.

Two pieces of toothpick make nice legs.

princess, king, and peacock
Even though Pavo is a white peacock, there is so much pink in the book, that I think this craft goes well with it.

Pavo and the Princess by Evaline Ness

You could also do a blue and green version for Limelight Larry.

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