pavo and the princess by evaline ness

September 6, 2011

peacock illustrations
Since I'm on a peacock kick this week, I thought I'd share some images from one of my favorite illustrators Evaline Ness.

I'm not sure when I discovered Ness's work, but ever since I got a hold of this copy of Pavo and the Princess, I have been scooping up her books and adding them to my collection.
princess, king, and peacock
This story is about a spoiled little princess who has never cried. Her father gives her his prize pet--a white peacock named Pavo in the hopes of teaching her to care for someone other than herself.
princess and peacock
It doesn't go too well at first and she ends up treating poor Pavo so badly that he is forced to run/fly away.
princess crying
Which ends up breaking the princesses heart (her name is Phoebe--isn't that pretty?) and she finally cries.
princess birthday party
Eventually, Pavo returns to Phoebe and forgives her and they become fast friends who like to sit and have a good cry together from time to time.

The colors and details are just enchanting to me, but I also love the stories--all the ones I've read so far seem to have a moral to them in that they try to teach the importance of putting other's needs before one's own.

The other books written and illustrated by Evaline Ness that we have read are:
A Gift for Sula Sula
Sam, Bangs & Moonshine 
just illustrated by
A Pocketful of Cricket

There are several more, but I just haven't found copies of them yet. I'm hoping to soon, though!

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