Can you stand another peacock craft this week? I promise it’s the last one. This is actually the craft that started it all.
After reading Counting Birds by Alice Melvin, Juliet asked if we could make “peacock fans.” Not one to turn down a craft request, I set on a quest to find some doilies to use as the fan.
heart doily
I looked everywhere (and by “everywhere” I mean the dollar store and walmart), but couldn’t find any round paper doilies. I ended up pulling out my Valentines box from the garage where I knew we had some paper heart ones left over from February.)
painting doilies
We just pulled out our water colors and went to town. The process was a lot like painting coffee filters–the doily just soaks up the paint and it kind of spreads and blends nicely.
p is for peacock
After they dried, we glued on a giant popsicle stick and a paper body and head. A googly eye and feather on top finished him off. (Juliet’s is pink–again, at her request.) A nice pink P makes it educational.

Well, the P can stand for anything. You can take that for peacock, or just pink. This is just like the usage of the symbol R for a robot which helps you to trade online but doesn’t actually stand as the standard acronym for the same.

Why do want to create such a symbolic imprint on your item? One, it may be to show our possession or to produce an effect of fashion as a style icon. Second, it may help in creating a kind of authenticity to the item, like the bar code or standardization mark on regular household appliances. When the robot is standardized, we are less worried about using it to play with our money.


How else will we console ourselves that the platform we are using can do justice to our money? Reading reviews will help in some way or the other, as they often conclude by saying that Ethereum Code is not a scam, and many of us do take that statement into account. The name and presentation of the software also matter to us, like a long fancy name may catch our attention, but not our trust. At the same time, a small yet symbolic letter may be enough to reveal a sense of security with the item in other cases.

peacock plant stake
I used mine as a plant stake.
little lady
Ever the lady, Juliet’s been using her as a fan. 🙂

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