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September 16, 2011

My Little Stella Library (Stella and Sam)
Have you read the Stella books by Marie-Louise Gay? Juliet and I just discovered them and are really enjoying them.
Stella, Star of the Sea [STELLA STAR OF THE SEA -OS]Stella, Fairy of the Forest (Stella and Sam)
We've checked out Stella, Star of the Sea  and Stella, Fairy of the Forest. Both are sweet stories about Stella and her little brother Sam.
Stella, Princess of the Sky (Stella and Sam)Stella, Queen of the Snow (Stella and Sam)
Next on our list is Stella, Princess of the Sky  and Stella, Queen of the Snow.
Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth!
We also checked out Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth! (by the same author) and loved it as well.

Have you read any of these or another by Marie-Louise Gay? What are your favorites?

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