I’m always seeing fun art projects where people use fruits and vegetables as stamps. We decided to get in on the fun for this week’s art project inspired by A Pocketful Of Cricket illustrated by Evaline Ness.

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Juliet became captivated by this “sweet and sour” apple tree (one side grows sweet apples, the other sour) and has been asking if we could make it together.
For our stamps, we used a grape cut in half (for the apples) and a few gardenia leaves in various sizes from our garden (for the apple tree leaves.) The trunk is cut from wood grained contact paper.
fall tree craft
As she was stamping, Juliet was suddenly inspired to try out another art medium–her chalk pastels….
fall tree craft
So she ended up with two fall apple pieces.

There are so many great apple books. Two of my favorites are:

Do you have any plans for apple-picking, apple pie baking or apple crafting this fall?

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