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August 19, 2011

Did you see Ross's nursery tour on Ohdeedoh this week? I loved the entire thing (the alphabet wall is just gorgeous!), but was especially taken with this image of the ikea bookshelf.

I contacted Holly of Life as a Thrifter and asked her if I could share this on my blog. We have the same bookshelf in Juliet's room, yet ours is honestly, a complete mess. It's crammed with books which makes it fairly difficult to find a book to read.

There are so many clever ideas put to work in Ross's bookshelf that not only look beautiful, but make the bookshelf work better for a child.

1. Wire baskets. I love the practicality of this! Toddlers can easily pull the books down (with a little help from mom or dad) and then load the books back in before putting them back on the shelf.

2. Vertical stacks. Just switching up the way you stack the books adds visual interest and gives your child something out of the ordinary to play with. If I did this in Juliet's room, I guarantee that's the shelf she would immediately begin rifling through.

3. Space for toys. While giving books enough room to breathe makes them more appealing to children, the same thing is true for toys. Highlighting one or two toys in a shelf of their own will increase that toy's appeal so much more than by just leaving it among all the others in the toy box. I need to be better at this.

4. Unconventional bookends. Do you see the little black bird toy holding up the golden books? It's perfect. And it adds so much personality to the space. Right now, I've got a red fire truck holding up some books in our playroom bookshelf. But I'm loving this little wooden bird so much!

5. Art displayed on the shelves. I love the ABC cross stitch artwork on the right hand side. Such a sweet touch.

Okay, so this has nothing to do with books or the bookshelf, but how beautiful is that chalkboard? I'm guessing she found it at a thrift store--I love it so much.

How do you organize your bookshelves? Any tips to share?

Be sure to check out Holly's blog--she has some amazing ideas and is always turning up some fun vintage finds.

Thanks again, Holly, for letting me share your ideas!

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