decorating with books: golden book wall border

August 24, 2011

golden books
My Little Bookcase issued a Golden Book challenge last week (in honor of book month in Australia).

Task: Think of a way to use/upcycle the pages or cover of a damaged Golden Book. They can be re-used in a creative or practical sense.

While I have a ton of golden books, I didn't have any I wanted to cut up. (Not that I am above that sort of thing, just truly didn't have any that were damaged enough.)

My first thought was to head over to goodwill and see if I could find some tattered copies to use as crafting materials. But then I got to thinking....
golden book border
And here is what I came up with.

We have a ledge over the doorway and opening from our playroom to our kitchen. It's been asking for something up there for awhile. I climbed atop a tiny ikea chair and tried to balance them on the miniscule edge.

Fortunately, it worked! A few of them kept falling down, but I secured them with a little bit of painter's tape on the back.

kindergarten golden book
The only problem is that now that they are facing out for everyone to see, they have become the very books that Juliet wants to read right now. Never mind that they've been sitting on her bookshelf untouched for the past several months. TODAY, of all days, is the day we must read them.

Every last one.

I think this would be a fun border for a nursery--you could just add some molding to work as a ledge around the room. (Plus, babies can't ask you to get them down.)
golden book border
So, this may not last very long as I am already a little bit tired of climbing up and down the tiny ikea chair.

But it does prove the point of all those forward facing bookshelves--kids really do have more interest in books when they can see the covers.

Time for me to invest in some ikea spice racks, I think.
Charley Harper Flash Cards and Floor Puzzles
Also, time to buy some pretty abc cards or something to go up on that ledge and replace my golden book border.

I think these are kind of pretty, too.

(also linking to whatever goes wed. and strut your stuff thurs. )

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Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

Great idea! You can switch them out and just display certain books when you want your child interested in them. You could just put them up for back to school week. They look great up there. I forgot about that kindergarten one in my back to school reading this past week. I've got to go grab it for reading time today. Thanks for the ideas. Victoria (@obSEUSSed)

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