back to school art project: found objects collage wall art

August 2, 2011

I've been thinking about this beautiful valentine key wall art from Design Sponge since February. I pinned it of course, and it's been sitting on my craftastic board since then.

Thanks to the Pinterest challenge, I finally got around to trying it out this weekend. I don't think the end result is as lovely as the key, but it was fun to do and gave me some ideas for future projects.
choking hazards
To begin, I raided my bowl of choking hazards to see what small objects I could use for my collage. These are the things I have been slowly collecting from my floor over the past several months now that we have a crawling baby in our midst.

Most of these items are Juliet's. If she asks for them, I give them back and we talk about how we need to keep them off the floor and away from baby Lucia. But if she doesn't ask...I throw them out after a few weeks. Let's just say that a lot of silly bandz have been trashed thanks to this method.
georgia found objects
Next, I decided to arrange the objects into the shape of the state of Georgia. I traced the shape from a map book we have and tried a few layouts.

At this point, Juliet noticed what I was doing and began pleading for all the tiny objects she NEEDS to be happy in this life. The biggest key to her happiness was the butterfly silly band. (The tiny dog bowl and mini bone were second and third.)

Considering she has at least 25 other silly bandz, I tried to convince her to let me have just one. She eventually, "let" me have it, but I use quotes because she was not exactly happy about it.
georgia wall art
I spray painted the objects dark blue and fortunately for Juliet, silly bandz do not like being spray painted (tried twice and the paint peeled off both times even with primer), so she got that back for her collection. I had to make it work without it, but I really miss that butterfly. I think it was key to my happiness with this project.

Then I hot glued the pieces down and was finished.
school art
The whole project reminded me of this book, I Spy School Days, and it got me thinking that this would be a pretty fun back to school kids craft (to go along with the book).

I think everyone has a bunch of tiny objects in their junk drawers and craft boxes. You can even used dried noodles and paper punches in various sizes and shapes.

Spray painting the objects is not even necessary--I kind of like the look they had before I painted them. And it looks more like the I Spy page.

You could do any shape--like this fantastic Christmas tree wall. (Which I pinned on one of my boards, but somehow cannot find it now....)

What do you think? What shape would you make?

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