kids craft: dragonfly on lily pad

July 19, 2011

dragonfly book
A lot of times, I bite off a bit more than Juliet can chew in the craft department. Mostly, because I enjoy it so much, I forget that she is only four (or three or two) and that her attention span is really not that long.

So while I am happy to paste 100 tissue paper petals to the outside of a bottlecap, she is more likely to be done with the project at 8.

So, for this project, I wanted to make something that from start to finish would be just at her "optimum crafting time-limit."
Squishy Turtle and Friends (Cloth Books)
I found inspiration from one of Lucia's cloth books Squishy Turtle and Friends . The shapes are simple to cut out and easy to assemble with glue.

Googly eyes finished him off nicely.

dragonfly craft
He's living on our fridge now. Also, I think he'd go well with our water lilies.

What's your kid's (or your own) "optimum crafting time limit?"

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