how to build a teepee for your kids

July 14, 2011

Teepees and tents are so fascinating to kids. They love getting inside them and playing "house" or "camping" or whatever crosses their minds that day. Last week, Ben built a really fun teepee for Juliet and her cousins to play in.
Isn't that fun? And it wasn't that difficult to make (not that I had any part of it, I just watched as it all unfolded!) Ben and his sister just walked into the woods, gathered some branches and began placing them in this formation.

The branches are leaning in on each other and they were sturdy enough to support each other. The kids dragged a few smaller logs inside to make "couches" and "rocking chairs".

I wish we had enough room in our car to take all these branches home so he could rebuild it in our backyard.

This, of course, got me thinking about a book that belonged to Ben's dad when he was a kid.
teepee illustrations
It's illustrated by Leonard Weisgard who is one of my very favorites. I love the colors and simple shapes.
Definitely something that I could see myself framing and displaying as art.

I've noticed a lot of teepees popping up on pinterest lately. Wouldn't these make lovely reading nooks? These look beautiful also:
Dexton Great Plains 6' Teepee
Dexton Great Plains 6' Teepee (I like how it is plain enough to add your own embellishment to it.)
Indian Teepee Tripod Play Tent Kids Hut Children House
Indian Teepee Tripod Play Tent Kids Hut Children House
(This one reminds me of the Weisgard illustrations! And it's a reasonable price!)
Butterick Sewing Pattern B4251 - Use to Make - Child's Tepee and Mat
Butterick Sewing Pattern B4251  (And if you are really skilled, you can make your own!)

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