harper seven: beckham's baby names

July 13, 2011

I enjoy reading baby name blogs--especially You Can't Call it It. (Have you discovered Elisabeth yet? She's a baby-naming genius.)

After the announcement of Victoria and David Beckham's new baby girl Harper Seven, Elisabeth shared this post about the new number name trend.

Immediately, I thought of this book I had as a child The family Minus's summer house by Fernando Krahn.
It's not a book that I particularly liked, but the names of the Minus children always fascinated me.
the family minus
Do you see why? The children all have made-up number names! Firsterix, Secondus, Thirdly, Fourthem, Fifthmore, Sixus, Sevenor, and Eightah!

I remember staring at that list for the longest time. I think Eightah is my favorite.

septimus bean
It also brought to mind another childhood favorite (this one I loved) Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine by Janet Quin-Harkin.
septimus bean
Septimus is the male version of seven, but still. It goes, right?

 What about you? Do you, your children, or anyone you know have a number name?

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