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July 11, 2011

I was away from the computer last week--we spent some time with Ben's family at a state park--far far from phones and computers! Except for Lucia getting sick, we had a great time. I had high aspirations for lots of camp crafting activities with the little girls, but we only ended up doing a few. Here are some highlights of our week:
Ben's cousin brought a huge mosaic tile stash and we all made stepping stones! Fancy, right?
sand art
I found these sand bottles at the dollar store and the little girls (ages 4, 5, and 6) had fun creating rainbows together. (I remember making one of these in a baby food jar when I was a kid--such fun!)
There was also a lot of time spent enjoying nature--one evening Juliet and I hiked to the lake and explored the water's edge. We saw minnows, slugs, lily pads, ants, and dragonflies. Reminded me of one of our favorite life the flap books Peek at a Pond (Lift the Flap Book)
Peek at a Pond (Lift the Flap Book)
I brought several books for the girls to enjoy that week, but there were a few that I kept wishing I had brought:
The Deer in the Wood (Little House)
The Deer in the Wood (Little House) We saw so many deer--including two fawns! So sweet and magical.
A Butterfly Is Patient
A Butterfly Is Patient To help us identify a prickly purple caterpillar we found on a walk.
Grasshopper on the Road (I Can Read Book 2)
Grasshopper on the Road  This story about bugs goes perfectly with all the bugs we interacted with this past week.
Pocahontas (10th Anniversary Edition)
The girls pretended they were Pocahontas this week. Their grandma made them each a beautiful "Pocahontas" dress--we could convince them to wear anything else.

I had fun, but am glad to be back--I missed you all!

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