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July 25, 2011

We've been on a hunt for human body books since Juliet turned 4. It seems that was the magical age when she started having questions about her body and how it all works. Remembering a fun anatomy book I had as a child, I asked my mom to find her a nicely illustrated preschool-friendly book for her Christmas present.
Outside-In: A Lift-the-Flaps Body Book
This is the one she got: Outside-In: A Lift-the-Flaps Body Book by Claire Smallman. It's a lift-the-flap book and really great and thorough. Except for the fact that it does not cover the excretory system--which to a 4 year old is pretty much the most important system to learn about. After reading the entire book, Juliet asked me, "But what about pee? Where does that come from?!!"

So the search for the perfect book continued.
birth day
Next, we picked up The Human Body: Lift the Flap and Learn which does highlight the passage of food from the beginning of the digestive system to the end...which was and is quite an exciting page; however, still no answers on the urinary system. (Meanwhile, I have explained the words bladder and urethra every night for the past week and a half.) We've also seen how a baby grows and then is born-which is fun, but not quite as fun as the aforementioned excretory pull-out.)
what about pee?
Thankfully, Amanda let us borrow her copy of See Inside Your Body (which several of you recommended) and I was able to finally end my nightly bladder/urethra explanation because seeing it on the page just made so much more sense. Finally! We know where pee comes from and how it gets out. Phew. (We have returned this book, but it was such a good one that I will probably be getting it for Juliet's birthday or Christmas present this year. She took it to bed with her every night we had it in our home.)
inside your body
While the pee questions was the most pressing of all, these human body books also brought up even more questions. The second most pressing was "What does a cell look like?" I picked up the Dorling PICTUREPEDIA - The Human Body for its more advanced drawings and information (looked to me like it was for an elementary student). There are pictures of blood cells, but that wasn't enough for Juliet. She kept asking me, "But what is INSIDE a cell?" All I could come up with was, "Ummmm.....I think there is something called a mitochondria...and um, ribosomes?"

At this point, I had asked my mom to just go out and buy us a full-fledged medical student's textbook. I could see no end to Juliet's questions and she had pretty much exhausted my knowledge of the human body. I also picked up 3-D Human Body because it had THIS:
Everything you ever wanted to know about cells. It seemed to satisfy her.
in a dog
Lastly, we picked up Uncover a Dog (Uncover Books) at Goodwill because of the interesting presentation of a dog's anatomy. Juliet loves flipping through the book and seeing all the systems and how they fit together.

This is a fun series and they have other animals you can "uncover" including a human body version.

Any other good human body books out there that we should check out? Leave a comment and let me know!

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