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July 22, 2011

Something Old
forest hotel
FOREST HOTEL, a Counting Story is a book I had as a kid. I love the illustrations and recently found a copy for my girls.

Something New
123 San Francisco: A Cool Counting Book (Cool Counting Books)
123 San Francisco: A Cool Counting Book 
Have you seen this new series dubbed "Cool Counting Books?) They are quite striking, I think. They don't have an Atlanta one, but if they ever know I'm getting one.

Something Borrowed
A Million Dots
A Million Dots We've had this one on loan from the library for the past 3 going on 4 weeks, so yeah, we kind of like it. There are literally one million dots in this book. It gives you such a great grasp of how big that number really is.

Something Blue
One Little Blueberry
One Little Blueberry by Tammi Salzano is perfect for little 9 month old Lucia and big sister Juliet (age 4) at the same time. (I'm on the lookout for more of these kinds of books nowadays.) The pages are sturdy (i.e. able to withstand attacks from grasping baby hands), the illustrations are colorful and engaging for all ages, and the story is interesting enough to keep big sister interested, but short enough to not lose baby sisters attention. Good stuff.

Also, it's blueberry season around here, so we'll be trying breaking out our favorite blueberry paint recipe which is also completely baby-safe and perfect for Lucia right now! She's going to LOVE it.

Happy weekend!

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