American Geographical Society Around the World Program

July 18, 2011


I found these beautiful books at goodwill last year (while pregnant with Lucia.) I fell in love with the beautiful covers and thought that they might be rare and valuable finds!

I put them in a box and forgot about them (due to baby duties) for the past nine months, but just pulled them out last week. I did some research and discovered that while they are quite beautiful, they are not worth anything. (Money-wise, that is.)

Aesthetic-wise, I think they are quite valuable and I am thinking of ways to use them as wall art.

They are a series put out by the American Geographical Society called the Around the World program. Inside they are filled with information about the countries (I must admit to not having read a word of them), but instead, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the gorgeous illustrations.

You can read more about this series here at Dave's Vintage Stuff. He's got a few I don't have and more information. Also, he scanned some of the inside images like this viking.

How fabulous is he? If I ever have a son, I'd love to have this hanging in his room. :)
American Geographical Society (Around the World Program) (Set includes: Virgin Islands, Arabian Peninsula, Scandanavian Countries, Iceland and Greenland, Pakistan, Lesser Antilles.)

Have you ever seen these books or do you own any?

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

(Also, if you want to purchase any, I found this etsy shop that sells them.)

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