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June 2, 2011

hot air balloon
On Monday, I shared my latest book-inspired art project for my twin nieces. I was pretty happy with how it turned out and was hoping it would be what my sister-in-law was hoping for.

That same day, it was making the ride from my house to hers (via Ben's parents), so I had no idea what her reaction would be.

I thought it would be nice to hear what you all thought, so I kept checking my blog periodically throughout the day--but every time I checked, there were no comments!

I was even more perplexed that evening when there were still no comments and I began to doubt myself--maybe this artwork was terrible! Maybe I should not have sent it! It seemed to me that you all were exercising the "Thumper Rule": If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say nothin' at all.

And then I checked my email and discovered that several of you had emailed me to say that you tried to leave a comment on that post, but my blog wouldn't let you.

I checked it out and sure enough, my comment box had disappeared.

I tried everything I knew--which is pretty much nothing ( i.e. restart the computer and cross my fingers) and then I tried to google a solution. The only thing I could come up with was a method that involved messing with the html code.

Well, I tried that once and I ended up deleting my entire blog. So we were not going to go there again.

But I had to fix the comments, so I decided to give Disqus a try. I've seen it on several blogs and liked how it lets you sign in with your twitter account, so I crossed my fingers again and went for it.

It was really easy to install! (In case you have been thinking about it, too.) It also let me import all my previous comments from blogger right into it.


Now that I've had a few of you leave comments on the new system, I've discovered some features that I really enjoy like the fact that it lets me respond to each comment individually--blogger didn't let me do that before. And also, besides leaving comments, you can just "leave a reaction" by clicking the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" (eek!) icon.

So, if my previous comment system was inhospitable to you, I hope you'll try the new one out! I truly enjoy hearing from you and visiting your blogs.

Last night as I was tucking Juliet in bed, she said to me, "Good night, mom. Tomorrow when we wake up, we'll be IN that book."

(We had been discussing a book we just read--it was about fairies, in case you are curious.)

I couldn't stop thinking about that all night--wouldn't it be wonderful to still have the imagination required to wake up and be IN a book? I really can't remember those days, but I love reliving them through Juliet's eyes.

So to get the comments going, I thought I'd ask you which book you'd like to wake up IN tomorrow morning--it doesn't have to be a children's book--any book goes here! :)
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
I think I'd like to wake up in The Twelve Dancing Princesses. What about you?

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