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June 27, 2011

Do you remember checking out your first library book? I feel like the first time I filled out a library card was in 2nd grade. I have a vivid memory of sitting at one of those short round tables and carefully printing my name in the correct space.

Then, I remember watching with fascination (and a little envy) as the librarian got to stamp the due date on the card. How I wished I could take a turn at stamping!

My heart did a little leap the other day when I spotted these library cards on Moore Minutes. Lisa came up with such a fun way to motivate her older children in their summer reading pursuits.

She set up a mini "library" filled with shelves, baskets, and bins of books. The kids "check out" the books and use the library cards to record their reading times. Isn't that fun?

And as if that were not enough, she sweetens the deal with these summer surprise cups. After reading for a certain length of time, her boys are then rewarded with one of these cups. Each one has a different surprise--click through to see the fun stuff she has inside for them! (She also gives you her source for those awesome library cards--in case you want to get some for yourself.)

This is such a clever idea--I am definitely tucking it away for future use with my girls! (And I'm also on a search for one of those numbered wooden cubbies--think of all the fun we could have with that. :) )

Thanks again to Lisa for letting me share her great idea--be sure to check out her blog for all the fun details!

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