I came across this post about Montessori-style library baskets at The Sleepytime Gal the other day and have been inspired to declutter and rearrange our own library space.

There are a lot of ways to arrange the bookshelf which depends on how many books you have, just like you have lot of trading software which you can discover more here. If you have too many books it is always better that you have a separate room for this and make it like a library with shelves where you can arrange your books according to your will. You can use this option in case you are home schooling your kids which will need a lot of space that too if you have more than 1 kids.

If you are a bookworm and have been collecting books from a very long time you would have figured out a way to keep the books well arranged. When we consider arranging books one must be oh so well organised person and must enjoy to elaborate the home library or school library. There are few tips which you can follow to organise your home library or school library.

  • if you are running a day-care as well as a school you need not worry much about the books used for toddlers. It is always better to keep toddler and baby books at the lowermost shelf so that they can reach them and choose what they want. You can also use baskets to keep books instead of shelf.
  • It is always better not to label the books because nowadays all books come with labelled covers. Not labelling will come in handy when you are willing to resell or donate them because they will be in excellent condition. Apart from this it is important that you teach the kids how to handle the books so that they are not torn and well maintained.

We have the very same Ikea Expedit bookshelf, the same baskets, and many of the same books and toys. Yet ours is nowhere nearly as functional because it is more of a “place to keep things” rather than a place to learn things.

Nicole has chosen to organize interesting books and toys in a way that is appealing to her children and in a way that lets them discover them on their own.

I love taking a peek into her baskets–she has several–and seeing which books she has inside. I’ve already added several to my library list.

So, I am resolved to tackle our bookcase and toy baskets very soon. I’ll try to take some before and after pictures to show you.

How do you encourage learning and discovery in your home?