bookshelf love: Kalia's wall of books

May 25, 2011

I stumbled across this beautiful wall of books that Kara made for her daughter Kalia.

I love how it covers the entire wall--from floor to ceiling. You can see how she and her husband made the shelves and her process of filling them. There are also a lot of other wonderful DIY projects in this nursery. (the blinds, daybed, etc...)

making the shelves
filling the shelves

As an alphabet junkie, I'm also loving the wall art. :)

Thanks for letting me share this, Kara!

(If carpentry is not your thing, Tidy Books has some beautiful bookshelf options. Get 10% off with the code: EUIL660!)


Corrina said...

Love the shelves. And the wall art is super duper cute!

Playing by the book said...

Aren't the colours gorgeous!

Mary said...

This space is just begging for you to curl up with a book. Love the display of books.

Toddler Approved said...

gorgeous!! i want a comfy reading spot like this!

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