ultimate blog party 2011

April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011
me and my girls
It's true, I love books. My daughters Juliet (4) and Lucia (6 months) and I visit the library regularly and check out about 30 books a week.

This blog started as a way to keep track of the books we love and Juliet's reading journey. It's sort of evolved into a creative outlet where I not only share about the books we love in the form of reviews and thematic book lists, but also via book-inspired crafts, decorating, and nursery art.

I love curling up with a good story and I am captivated by gallery worthy illustrative art. Children's books are my muses and I am constantly digging up new (to me, at least) authors and illustrators that inspire me to create children's crafts, holiday celebrations, and art.
Right now, Juliet and I are working on a Flower of the Month project. Each month, we pick a new flower to craft together. Guess what April's flower is....the tulip! Can't wait to share it with you.

While the library is the main support of my book-addiction, I also regularly visit our local goodwill in the hopes of finding vintage gems at rock bottom prices.

I like digging up stuff like this:
Beautifully illustrated books. This one is Thumbelina, illustrated by Pablo Ramirez. I used it as art in my daughter's nursery.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll be back--the easiest way to keep up with me is via my facebook page.

I'm also on twitter. But I'm not very good at it. I just learned about hashtags. Like yesterday. #twiliterate

And of course, you can subscribe or follow via google-friend connect.

But facebook--I'm good at that. I share links, update my status, and share pics from time to time. Really. I get facebook. I promise.

Leave a comment and a link to your blog! I'd love to visit.


oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

You're so fun, Vanessa! I love your blog...it's so comfy and pretty. :)

Jenny said...

I can't believe the baby is 6 months already! Where did that time go? You and your kids are so cute!

LOL about Twitter, I don't get the hashtags thing at all.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Hi Vanessa, fancy meeting you here:) I'm a couple links above you at the party. Growing up tulips were my favorite flower, they signaled spring in Michigan. Will be exctited to see your projects:)

Mandy said...

I love getting book ideas from your blog! My 3 year old daughter and I are frequent library visitors too. I actually worked at the library for 6 years and then chose to stay home when I had my daughter. http://creativecents.blogspot.com/

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Stopping by for the UBP! I love taking my (2.5 year old) son to the library, though we don't go quite as much as you. Our storytime is starting up again next week though, so I'm excited!

I also like to write. I write science fiction primarily and I've made a few short story sales, and hubby and I have a children's Christmas book that we're going to be sending to publishers and agents this year.

I hope you'll come visit Science Ficiton Mommy

Enjoy the party!


Love and Lollipops said...

Hi there Vanessa!

I am such a fan! I LOVE visiting Silly Eagle Books!

I also love this picture of you and your little ladies!!


Maria and Michelle said...

OOOOh! I am going to love this! I'm a big bookie too, especially children's books! I think it's because my mom was an elementary school teacher. My big project I'm wanting to do is use Eric Carle prints in our playroom. Really need to get busy on that one! I'll come share with you when it's done!

Enjoy the party and I can't wait to read more of this blog :)

Michelle @ FTSN


Cris said...

Beautiful children!! What a great idea for a blog!! We love books too! One book before bed time evreyday!!

Cascia said...

Happy to see you joined the party this year! Nice to meet you. This is my third UBP. I am looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better. I hope you drop by my blogs and leave me a comment.
Cascia Talbert
The Healthy Moms Magazine
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MadameDeals said...

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Lisa Noel said...

your kids are gorgeous and so are your photos. i love books, mostly kids books and going to our library. just posted about it recently.

thanks for stopping by

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

If you like books you'll have to visit me. I have a book review blog.

Knitting blog party post

Book Review Party Post

Chels said...

I'm not stopping by from the UBP (hehehe☺) but I absolutely LOVE ♥ the picture of you and your girls!

Sarah Lynne said...

I am a new follower from the Ultimate Blog Party!!! Nice to meet you!!



Living on Love and Cents said...

I am glad I stopped by. :) I am now following you via gfc. I am from www.livingonloveandcents.com Please stop by some time! I have a car seat giveaway on my blog party post! I look forward to reading more from you! ~Heather

Shelly said...

Stopping by from UPB11. Great to meet you!

There are so many fun blogs to visit! If you have time, I hope you’ll stop by:


You can enter to win a $25 Gift cert to my eBay store to spruce up your spring/summer wardrobe (details on post)
Have a great weekend!

silly eagle books said...

Wow! I am loving all the comments today! :) Thanks to all of you for stopping by from the UBP and for all my regular readers--always love hearing from you. I'm trying to click through and comment on each of your sites today in response. :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

Love Lucia's expression in that photo. She looks a little worried about this party. Always excited to read your posts. So bookish, crafy and creative. Partying as well at Brimful!

theotherteacher said...

It is nice to find someone else who borrows 2 or 3 bag loads of books from the library! I get some funny looks sometimes but the kids read a lot.

I love your idea of finding vintage books and using them as art. I have always used books to introduce my children to art and I may go look for some vintage books to do the same as you. Thanks for the idea!

Katie said...

I love your blog! Thanks for all the wonderful book suggestions. Enjoy the party

Prairie Patch said...

Thanks for stopping by. What adorable girls you have! I think it's awesome that you're raising them to understand the importance of books and reading!!

I'm new on twitter, too. Just signed up last night, and it can be very frustrating. But I think you and I will get the hang of it in short order.

Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

April said...

Hi! I see you feature Reviews and/or Giveaways. I would like to invite you to add your blog to my “Review and Giveaway Blog Directory” if you haven’t already . Hope you’re having a Sweet Week!

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Ginny Marie said...

I'm going to go to your facebook page! I didn't even know you had one. I'm glad you're taking part in UBP11! Have fun!

Jackie said...

I love the picture of you and your girls! The baby can't be 6 months old already. I have been a fan for quite a while and appreciate all of your posts even though I don't often have time to comment lately. I especially liked the post about the sharpie speedo in a thrift store book. :-)

Melanie said...

My boys and I also use the library a lot. I sometimes get overwhelmed when I'm trying to round up all the books to return them. I can't wait to see the tulip project!


Sherri said...

I am a children's book lover also! Love your blog!

Diabetic Snacker Giveaways said...

I'm Here from the UBP11 adding you to my blog roll page.
Thanks for a great prize! My Ultimate blog party post
barb g.

carma said...

My son is well beyond the children's book age but I still fondly recall his favorites. Hope you are enjoying the party!

artsy_momma said...

Stopping by from the party... already adore you blog! Signed up to follow you on Twitter- finally taking the Twitter plunge....lol!

shopannies said...

visiting from the UBP you have a very nice blog here I am now following you and looking forward to reading some great post you can find me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Your daughter's are beautiful! & I love reading books as well, I guess that goes with the territory of being a teacher ;)

Hope you are having fun at this year's UBP 2011! I know I am!

Cher said...

Great pics!

Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party 2011!
Hope you’ll visit my party: http://momandmore.com/2011/04/2011-ultimate-blog-party-welcome-to-mom-and-more.html

Beth Niquette said...

What a lovely blog you have here! This is my first experience as a participant in the Ultimate Blog party--what a delightful way to meet new people of like interests.

Have a lovely day!

Jennifer said...

I was so excited to see your pretty girls' faces! I don't remember seeing them in any of your previous blogs. You have a beautiful family and lovely blog!

Boho Kids said...

Hi Vanessa, Following you back from UBP. LOVE your blog!

Kristin from www.bohokids.com

Cindy Swanson said...

I've starred your blog to come back to later! Like you, I LOVE books, and when my kids were little, we almost needed a truck for our library hauls (OK, a bit of an exaggeration! :)) I also perked up when I saw the phrase "book-inspired." I honestly love anything to do with books! I hope you'll check out my book blog, Cindy's Book Club

Quirky Momma said...

I love literature inspired art! Cheers from UBP

Susanmeep said...

I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop party, you have a great site. Would you like to follow me back? http://susansdisneyfamily.blogspot.com/
thank you :)

Jackie H. said...

Love the Thumbelina find! I have an early literacy blog you might want to check out.
And I'll see you on FB!

quiverfull said...

We're a book-lovin' family too. (seriously... we bring multiple bags ((and sometimes laundry baskets...EEEK!)) with us when we hit the library). and i LOVE book-related crafts. glad to be your newest follower!
via UBP,

Ellie-A Little of This and a Little of That said...

Hiya, I'm a new follower from the UBP'11. Nice blog! Please stop by A Little of This and a Little of That and follow back. Have a super week!

What's in a name.. said...

New follower via UBP> Hope you will follow me too @ http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/2011/04/day-298-ultimate-blog-party.html

Candice said...

Love your blog! I'm hoping you'll stop by and visit my blog. I'm new to blogging and UBP. I LOVE it! When I reach 100 followers, I will be giving 1 Lavender Essential Oil to 1 lucky winner.


Denise said...

Stopping by to say ‘Hi’ from my 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party 2011 link-up! What a great blog you have and I will be following! Stop by and say ‘Hi’ back! I have blog parties on Tuesday and Wednesday’s that may interest you. Tuesday is Tutorial & Thrifty Treasures Tuesday. Wednesday is What’s Cookin’ Wednesday. I am also looking for guest posts on home d├ęcor and crafts if you are interested.

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Anne said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from the UBP. Nice to meet you! I am a new follower : )
I have two blogs, and I'd love for you to stop by when you get a minute. Thanks!

http://giveawaycorner.blogspot.com/ (A free giveaway every weekday)
http://anne-somekindofwonderful.blogspot.com/ (Family blog)

Trulie Scrumptious said...

Hey! just stoppin by for the blog party. LOVE your blog and are proud to say we are your newest followers and {blog} friends. We'd love for you to come check out our new blog and be our newest follower and {blog} friend as well..much love
mitchandroz.blogspot.com (family blog)

Brandi said...

I love the look of your pictures! Feel free to stop by and take a peek around if you'd like! http://www.flipflopmama.com/2011/03/ultimate-blog-party-2011.html

teroapex said...

Thanks for your share! very impressive!


quxetrey said...

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