spring kids craft: tissue paper tulips

April 6, 2011

After making our daffodils, Juliet and I were inspired by the tulips growing in our garden.
what you need
The key ingredient was a piece of a styrofoam egg carton--it was the perfect thing to give our tulip its shape. I cut out some rounded red petals from tissue paper, and we used our trusty mod podge. (Love that stuff.)
We just put some mod podge on the cup and placed petals all around it. Easy for adults and kids.
I just kept layering the petals till I was satisfied with the look.
Next I tackled the inside. Same thing--just pasted and layered till it looked right.
Here's an inside shot.
After the flowers were dry, we punched a pipe cleaner through the middle. ( I used a black and a green one to make the stem and stamen? (Is that what it's called?)
To finish, I twisted it underneath to secure.
Cheery and fun!

Anyone know of any good tulip books? I don't have one right now....but I'm on the hunt!

I'm happy for you to use my tutorial, use one photo and link back to my site,  and even share photos of your finished work on your own blog, however, please do not recreate my tutorial on your own blog--thank you!


Kristie at The Decorologist.com said...

another gorgeous craft! love the tulips. i'm linking to you within the next week in a post i'm doing about my daughter's cake decorating party - we did the cupcake liner flowers!

silly eagle books said...

thanks, kristie! Can't wait to see the party pics!

Kara said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! We are focusing on crafts made using recyclables this month so if we make these, can I link to you please?
-Kara @ http://littlelearnerslounge.blogspot.com/

silly eagle books said...

Thanks, kara--of course, you may link to me. :)

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

That's beautiful, I like how you used the egg carton to give it stability and shape.

Ticia said...

Super cute! I love this idea.

Christina said...

here are two Tulip books that might be appropriate for Juliet... The Great Tulip Trade and Hana in the time of the Tulip. The first is a step into reading book the other a picture book. Happy reading and I really like the tulip. I will be trying this out. Thanks, Christina

silly eagle books said...

Thanks, Christina! I hope our library has these--I'm going to go check.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I really need to get some mod podge. A glue gun too. Those look great.

Rashi said...

Vanessa, these look so real. Check out my Easter Egg Bunny @ http://blog.memetales.com/2011/04/easter-egg-bunny-kids-craft/

leila said...

Gorg! Tehy almost look like poppies too...oh the possibilities!

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

so pretty! Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter- good luck:)

silly eagle books said...

thanks, amy! :)

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