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April 5, 2011

I wrote a guest post about Reading with Babies for Your Baby Booty today. And guess what? There is a glaring grammatical error in the first paragraph.

It's killing me.

Because I can't fix it!



Erika said...

I loved that post!
I searched and searched for the grammatical error, and came up with a different one than you did in the comments.

You said "It’s never to early..." in the second sentence (I think?)...But, it should be "it's never TOO early"

Guest posting is hard stuff! I know the feeling of errors popping out into your face and not being able to fix them!

Chels said...

Really great article and suggestions!
The grammatical error bothers you the most (you shouldn't have pointed it out!)! Relax, we'll all assume you were lacking sleep while composing the post! ☺

silly eagle books said...

haha--Erika! didn't even notice that one and it is worse than the one I saw. :) Definitely need to have someone else read my stuff before I send it out. Thanks for helping!

chels--you know it. You'll soon be sleepless yourself--I hope you are getting some good full nights in during these last weeks! :)


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