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April 13, 2011

beach bag
The day before we left for our beach vacation last week, this embroidered beach bag showed up from Simply-Bags. It's got Juliet's name on the front (in case you can't see it!)

It's quite sturdy and well-made and roomy enough for a nice supply of toys and books. I like that it has a strap on the back so she can sling it over her shoulder. She likes that it is pink and it has her name on it.

She was thrilled to have her own bag to pack with all her very favorite and necessary travel items (who can embark on a trip without at least 6 of your favorite stuffed animals?)

I was able to convince her to add a few books to the bag. Here's what we took:
My Mom Has X-ray Vision
My Mom Has X-ray Vision by Angela McAllister
Have you read this one yet? It has become a huge hit at our house. It's a perfect read with Mother's Day approaching--this book has caused Juliet's new career aspiration to change from astronaut-artist-baseball player-teacher to just plain superhero. Not only is the story cute, but the illustrations are incredible.
A Bad Case of Stripes   [BAD CASE OF STRIPES] [Paperback]
A Bad Case of Stripes   by David Shannon
Another mom tipped me off to this one--somehow I had never heard of it! But now we are in love. Juliet is now diagnosing everyone with "a bad case of _________".
Simply Bags has a ton of bas to choose from--I'm kind of eyeing this one as an update to my library bag. The one I have now doesn't quite hold 30 books (our library's limit). This one looks roomy enough. 

What kind of bag do you carry to the library? 


Elizabeth Bennett said...

You are right! My Mom Has X-Ray Vision is a perfect Mother's Day book. Thanks for recommending it. And it was fun to see One Rainy Day peeking out of that great beach bag!
We are posting a link to this blog on our facebook page. Come take a look...
Happy Reading,
Elizabeth Bennett
tiger tales

The Parsons Family said...

We actually use a canvas style bag to carry our library books (we have also tried a sturdy basket and a backpack) I'm starting to think our best option would be a nice rolling suitcase!! Our library actually encouraged my son to get his own card (he is 4) after watching the tears as we were checking out and I had to tell him "No" to more books! (Heaven forbid, because the 30 we check out only last us a few days anyway so I typically make 6 trips a month!!) Thankfully they love reading 9and your blog adds SO many more to my list to grab at the library!! Thank you!!

Dani said...

I currently use a tote bag I purchased at Barnes and Noble for trips to the library. There are definitely times that I need a larger bag though.

silly eagle books said...

Elizabeth--we love My Mom has X-Ray Vision--its just a beautiful book! Thanks for the link. :)

Parsons Family, you know, I have thought about getting Juliet her own card--but I am not sure I can carry more than 30 books out the door, plus the baby! Maybe I need to get some sort of backpack for Juliet that she can fill with enough books she can carry on her own and then I can use the large tote to carry out the rest. :) I love the idea of using a basket, though!

Dani--I bet your bag is cute. I should check out Barnes and Noble.

Christina said...

Hi Vanessa,
On our trips to the library, we use a rolling cart like this one... With 3 school aged children all with their own library cards our "haul" can get pretty large. The great thing about this cart is it folds in on itself for convenient storage. Thanks for the book suggestions. We're looking forward to checking them out.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

We got one of those bags for review too and have been enjoying using it a lot.

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