Oh the Things Your Kids Can Learn at the Library

April 11, 2012

Manners at the Library (First Facts: Manners)
Manners at the Library  by Terri DeGezelle

I checked out this book from our library because I thought it would be a joke of a book. I pretty much just wanted a good laugh--it reminded me of our outdated Spanish textbooks from 10th grade (you know, the ones with the kids decked out in 70s apparel?)

But to my surprise, it actually had some good points and Juliet LOVED reading it! And it reminded me that taking kids to the library is not just a fun thing to do, it also teaches them some very important lessons.

Taking your kids to the library teaches them...

To be polite.  (using quiet voices in order not to bother others)

To show respect. (following rules: returning books on time, not eating or drinking inside, not writing on books, keeping books clean and pages flat.)

To show courtesy. (when librarian reads a book--listen quietly/raise hand)

To share. (take turns with books, magazines, newspapers, computers)

To be patient. (waiting quietly in line, waiting for librarian to scan books, etc.)

And I thought we were just having fun! Who knew we were getting some good life lessons in at the same time. :)

What other lessons have you or your children learned at the library? 

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