tissue paper forsythia: kids spring craft

March 11, 2011

tissue paper forsythia
do you like the little army man? he likes craft time, too. 
This craft was fun, but it took about 1 week to complete. After rolling and gluing two yellow balls onto the tree, Juliet was off to other more exciting adventures. I kept the supplies out on her little table all week and from time to time, she would mosey over and glue a new bud on.

I should have read MaryLea's directions more carefully before attempting to create the stem because instead of pouring a puddle of paint on the paper and blowing it with a straw, I tried to suck some paint into the straw and then blow it out.



Now I know. At least I tried it first before letting Juliet try it. She had fun doing it the right way.

What spring crafts are you trying out this year?


Ticia said...

Oooohhhh, I wonder if that's a state flower anywhere, or if I could adapt that to a different flower....... Maybe peach flower?

silly eagle books said...

Someone suggested doing the blossoms pink for the cherry blossom---also, if you do red, it kind of looks like our maple tree out front....

Regina @ Chalk In My Pocket said...

Hhahahaha! Drinking paint is a no, no Vanessa. LOL, made my night.

Silver Rose said...

LOL! In my toddler-friendly words, "Yuckaroo!"

Vanessa said...

:) I know, I know--it was definitely icky. Couldn't get the taste out of my mouth all day long!

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