We had some extra green cupcake liners after making the garland, so we decided to make a bouquet for our March centerpiece.
what you need
We raided the button box for green buttons (we only found 8), sent Ben to Walmart for some green pipe cleaners (we only had black), and got to work.
through the center
We punched the pipe cleaner through the center. (Somewhat related aside: When I worked for the textbook company, we had to call these “chenille stems”, but I prefer the old school “pipe cleaner”. Hope you don’t mind.)
punch it
Juliet placed the button on and then I bent it and brought it back through another button hole (that part proved a bit too difficult for her 4 year old fingers.)
It ended up looking like this–I twisted the pipe cleaner underneath the button to make it secure.
green bouquet
I have to say, it looks quite cheerful! I think I’ll be keeping it around long after St. Patrick’s day.

Bottle caps better watch out–I think cupcake liners might be my new favorite craft material!

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