I love making holiday hair accessories for Juliet. I had some green ribbon and came up with this shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. It was pretty easy to do, hopefully, you can get the idea from these pictures.
first loop
Start with one loop and hot glue it together. Leave enough ribbon for a stem. You can trim it to size later.
2nd loop
Make a second loop and glue it down. (behind the first loop.)
third loop
Make your third loop and secure with glue.
trim ribbon
Trim the ribbon on one side.
fold stem
Fold the stem over and glue it down. Then trim it to the desired length.
glue on barrette
Finally, glue it on a barrette and you are done!
shamrock barrette
Ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

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Hopefully, those pictures made sense–feel free to email me or leave a question in the comments if you need more explanation.

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