happy st. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2011

I found this book, Finn and the Giant (Irish legends), at a thrift store a few days ago--just in time for St. Patrick's day. Juliet has recently become interested in all manner of giants, so this was perfect.

The illustrations are colorful and the story made Juliet laugh out loud. I was unfamiliar with the story of Finn McCool, so it was good to finally learn his story.

Need a last minute craft idea? I love these coffee filter shamrocks. So easy and cute!

Last year, we used green food coloring to make green oatmeal, but this year, we just went for Nutella with toast--no green. Chocolate is festive enough on its own!

We've all got our shamrock barrettes in our hair, so we won't get pinched.

How are you celebrating today? 


Jennifer said...

I had every intention of making shamrocks with the kids ahead of time and thereby improve on the lack of arts and crafts that I initiate. I didn't. I did, however, grab a green shirt out of the laundry for my son to wear in honor of the holiday. ;)

That coffee filter idea is great! Maybe there's still time to redeem myself!

Vanessa said...

haha--I know, Jennifer. Sometimes just digging up a green shirt is all you can do--I barely managed to find one--and it was grease stained, but I'm wearing it anyways. :)

I like the coffee filter one because it looks so easy and still turns out so cute!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

We did some rainbows in the morning! (Some of our own with marker and some from Teach Preschool on a huge paper towel) We made green shamrock pancakes which my daughter would not eat! We wore green and that is about it! We did most of our celebrating the past few weeks!

Love the coffee filter idea that you suggested!

My daughter will love the strangest books too! Old ones that we get from my parent's house or goodwill! Recently we are reading all three Shel SiIverstein poetry books!---Cassie can never get enough of these! She remembers the titles of all of them when we turn to the page!

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