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March 18, 2011

the shot I was trying to get
So, I've been on the lookout for more books with interesting and "wallpaper worthy" inside covers and found this cute one inside Ordinary Oscar by Laura Adkins. I love the wall of frames.
Ordinary Oscar
So the above picture is what I was trying to get. It took me a few tries before I finally got the perfect shot though, because of this:
danger lurks beneath
Sneaky tiger lurking underneath my photoshoot...
spying her prey
Unless I am doing something that involves chicken, she is usually not too interested in me, but this day, for some reason, she could not resist.
Every time I set the dolls up, she would swipe them with her paws. It was pretty funny. To me, anyway.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Rhonda said...

These pictures are so cute.

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Too funny! And what a great shot of the cat in that last one. Thanks for giving me a good laugh.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Every once and awhile our cat likes to try and mess with my photo shoots, too. It looks like your cat thought it was a fun game with those dolls!

Bella said...

That is too cute, cats and mice,,, he he how can you blame him, lol.

That pic turned out great though, very very cute.


Bella :) Bella Before and After

Regina @ Chalk In My Pocket said...

Awww! That's so cute, love the peek behind the scenes with your feline star :-)

Mimi said...

I loved this book! Juliet and I read it a couple times when I visited. Penny is hilarious - great photos, Vanessa.

Elizabeth Bennett said...

Adorable! We are so glad that our book, Ordinary Oscar provided such creative inspiration (and a playground for your cat!). We posted a link to your blog on our facebook page. Check it out!
Happy Reading,
Elizabeth Bennett
tiger tales

Silver Rose said...

LOL! That is too funny. I love the frames too...what a nice lilttle backdrop even for some dramatic play. :)

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