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February 18, 2011

Amos & Boris
"I really hope we can find this book at a book store so we never have to give it back."

How's that for a recommendation? Juliet said that to me last night after we finished reading this one ( for the 10th time this week. Have you read it?

We have really enjoyed it and I am always surprised when she will sit through a books with longer text sections and descriptions. For so long we were reading books with only two or three sentences per page, but now, she will settle down with a paragraph or two per page! I guess that happens when you turn four.

This is the story of an unlikely friendship between a mouse and a whale and while the story is simple and innocent, there are a few dark moments where each animal thinks he is about to die. (The mouse falls in the ocean and the whale gets beached.) Of course, they are both saved in time, but the author does allow them to contemplate their impending deaths for a few moments. Juliet was fine with it, but maybe you have a younger child or one more sensitive to issues like that. (Just wanted to warn you!)
Whales Go by, the B9
It got me thinking about other whale books that we love like The Whales Go By by Frederick Phleger. Juliet has been fascinated by this one for a long time, and it too, has some dark moments where the killer whales are trying to attack and kill the whales in the story. (They whales get away, but still, it is kind of like watching National Geographic, especially if your child doesn't realize that animals eat other animals and still thinks the chicken on her plate at dinner is completely different from the feathered friends on the farm...)
The Snail and the Whale
We also love The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson--another small animal/big animal friendship story where the whale gets beached, but saved in time.

I did some searching for more vintage whale books and I found a few cute things. One is this vintage W letter card.
Mabel the Whale by Patricia King
I REALLY hope I stumble across this at our Goodwill someday. It's just beautiful--I'd love to see if the story is as good as the illustrations. Has anyone read it? Also, a good candidate for my book name list

I love the looks of this whale toy--that polka dotted tail makes me smile.
Don't these whale shadow puppets look fun?

Here are some fun whale crafts I found:
milk jug whale
fingerprint whale
sock whale

And for fun, Lauren had some beautiful whale finds on her blog a few weeks ago--I love that tissue box!

Do you have any favorite whale books, crafts,  or links to share?

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Erin said...

We haven't explored whale books at our house, but I will write these books down and check them out at our library. What a fun theme!

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