Do you have any dollar store foam hearts left over from valentines day crafts? Don’t pack them up yet! I used some of ours to make this shamrock stamp.
what you need
Here are the pieces I used–three hearts and I cut the x into a stem shape. I used a bottle cap for the stamper. You could use just about anything…
the stamp
Here it is assembled and ready to go!
a little too much paint
For the past few years, I’ve seen people using these foam stickers as stamps, but I’ve never tried it with Juliet till now. We took a few times to figure out exactly how much paint worked best–here we got a little too much. Also, we found that the stamp slides across the paper very easily, so it is easy to smudge the shamrock if you are not really steady.
stamped shamrocks
But eventually, we got a few good ones.
shamrocks a plenty
Even the messy ones are pretty cute in a modern art kind of way.

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I’m working on a St. Patrick’s Day booklist for you this week!
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