spring crafts for kids: crocus sun catchers

February 21, 2011

if winter comes...can spring be far behind?
Look what we found in our garden a few days ago--Our first sign of spring! This yellow crocus had me shouting for joy, I tell ya. The weather is even cooperating and we've been having some beautiful 60 degree days around here. (I know it's only February, but that's when our spring starts. It's one of the main reasons why I live in Georgia.)

To celebrate and to welcome spring, I thought we would do a tissue paper/contact paper suncatcher craft together.
making art
The shapes were really simple--just some oval petals and leaves. If you fold and stack the layers of tissue paper enough, you only have to make a few cuts. I taped the contact paper to the window pane sticky side out and we were ready to make our crocuses.
fun in the sun
Three yellow petals seemed to make a nice crocus blossom.
Placing the paper on the sticky surface was surprisingly relaxing...
Here's the up close view.
crocus window
And here is the view from a few steps back! Looks bright and cheery, I think.

I found a few other fun spring flower crafts that I'd like to try this spring.

tissue paper forsythia (I think this one looks so beautiful and we have tons of yellow tissue paper still!)
handprint easter lilies (Could be fun for Easter, too.)
felt and button flower spring bouquet (A little more ambitious, but I like the thought of letting Juliet try her hand at sewing the buttons.)
A Peek-and-Find Adventure with Bobby Bear (Maurice Pledger Peek and Find)
This books has nothing to do with flowers, but it does have to do with spring, so I thought I'd share it: A Peek-and-Find Adventure with Bobby Bear  by Maurice Pledger. Juliet LOVES this one even though it is probably better suited to 2-3 year olds. She still loves lifting all the flaps.

Do you have any spring flower crafts or books to share?

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Deborah said...

I love it - it is so nice to see some bright yellow again!

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

You must surely life somewhere in the South. Your trees are even turning green! Great idea. :)

Ginny Marie said...

So cute and easy! We still have snow in our backyard...no crocuses here. We need that cheery craft in our window!

Butterfly Wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

what a pretty window and much easier to clean up then using glue to attach them to the window.

we might have to make some for our entry

Christina said...

You should definitely try the tissue paper forsythia idea ... Will's 4K class did cherry trees, same idea, and they were super-duper cute.

(I agree spring in the South is nice!)

Regina @ Chalk In My Pocket said...

I'm so jealous of that little yellow crocus...we just another 5 inches of snow today. Please make room for me in your yard, I'm packing my tent and sleeping bag as we speak.

silly eagle books said...

I know--sorry to all of you who still have snow lingering...I wish I could pack up some of this warmth and send it to you!

Using the contact paper is nice because I can remove it easily when we are done with it. I think I forgot to mention that we placed another sheet of contact paper over the entire thing after we were done to keep cat hair and other debris that floats freely around my house from sticking to our art.

Christina--we are going to try that tissue paper idea--and I love the idea of using pink paper for a cherry tree. Maybe we'll do two. :)

Heather - dollarstorecrafts said...

This looks like such a fun and relaxing activity. I linked up at Dollar Store Mom! http://dollarstoremom.com/2011/02/make-crocus-flower-suncatchers/

Amy said...

ok, i've got to get my hands on some contact paper. seriously.

silly eagle books said...

Thanks, Heather!

Amy, it's so great for so many things. ;)

Silver Rose said...

I love this! SO beautiful!

RedTedArt said...

Oh your crocuses are LOVELY! I really like them! Thanks for stopping by at Spring Get Crafty and sharing them!

I have a Wednesday Link up party each week for Kids related crafts - do come and join in?


Vanessa said...

Thanks, Maggy! I'd love to join. :)

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