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February 27, 2011

Because next to books, flowers are pretty much our favorite things, Juliet and I are making a new flower craft every month. So far, we have been inspired by what we've seen springing up in our own garden, but who knows? Maybe we'll try our hand at some things we see in books or magazines.

We'd love for you to craft along with us. Please leave a link or send me an email if you've tried any of our projects.

Be sure to stop by each month to see the latest addition to our online garden!

February: crocuses
side view
March: daffodils
April: tulips
May: water lilies

Other people's flower crafts that I'd like to try:


Ticia said...

I love your crocuses. They're so pretty. How'd you stick them on?

silly eagle books said...

Hey Ticia--you can click on the link under the picture for all the details, but they are just tissue paper on contact paper--sticky side out--taped to the window. After we finished, I placed another sheet of clear contact paper over them (to keep the cat hair from getting on them).

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