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February 3, 2011

Ben gave me a beautiful alphabet book called Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types by Sharon Werner for my birthday last month. It's filled with clever illustrations that use different letters to make pictures.

I've mentioned before that my brother is expecting a baby boy this spring (I am nearly mad with excitement to meet my new nephew!) And there is something about babies that makes me want to make things for them and especially their nurseries.

The problem is that they haven't decided on a name, so I am kind of stuck waiting for them to make the big reveal so I can start the perfect name art, search for a name book, etc. (What else is a crazy aunt supposed to do while she waits?)
Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types
However, since the theme at the CSI project is typography this week, I decided that I would go ahead and try my hand at copying a few of the cute ideas in this book in the hopes that maybe one of these letters will be THE letter. And maybe one will inspire them to commit to the perfect name.
I used some scrapbook paper, sharpies, and my little letter stamp set to make these. A simple goodwill frame makes it art. These are some of the more manly/boyish ones from the book. I think this one is my favorite. Perfect for a little Max or Marco, Malcolm or Malachy or any other mustache aficionado in general.
Here's the b one. I'm not really crazy about the background paper color, but I do like that beard. I think Beckett, Barnaby, Beau, or Bernard would love it, too.
What little boy wouldn't like this pirate whether his name were Patrick, Peter, or Pedro or not? I know an Asa who would probably get a kick out of it...
And lastly, I love the saw for a little Sam, Sawyer, Sebastian, or Simon.
Just so you know, I completely copied these illustrations from the book--please don't think I am taking credit for their cuteness! Just inspired by them and trying to find a way to avoid ripping a book apart to turn it into some nursery art.

Most of the smaller illustrations are simple enough to imitate--they are line drawings that you can freehand or trace. You can see my guy has a somewhat different nose and more pointy ears, but that's because I'm not very exact. If you have a steadier hand and more patience, you could probably replicate it exactly. Also, if you have some tiny letter stamps, they are perfect for the type portion of the design.
Here's one more that I thought was cute, but didn't get a chance to make (plus, we already have a b one...) What do you think, Daniel? Do you have a name yet?

I just remembered that my best friend is having a boy a month after my brother and my sister-in-law on Ben's side is having twins (gender yet to be revealed...) so hopefully, at least one of those little guys will be able to use some of this stuff! If not, I'll just have to save it for a future little boy of my own someday.

What letter would you make for your child--boy or girl? (There are several more feminine ones in the book!)


welcome to our wonderland said...

aww those are adorable I love them!!! I might have my oldest do some of this art. now where did i put those alphabet stamps.

now what letter to make for a boy: what about t for truck and the little t could be the middle of the cab and back of the truck??

Candice S. said...

Yup, you are so very talented and quite clever! These are beautiful! .. More than likely, your brother would be willing to have them all! :)

silly eagle books said...

I think this is a great kids craft idea for older kids! And that truck idea is perfect.

Candice--the more I think about it, I'm pretty sure, he'll just take them all and choose a name with a different letter entirely. :)

Ali Rockwell said...

These are SO cute! I love them!!

Belle said...

I really like what you did. Kids will sure get a kick out of pictures like this.

Catherine said...

Get out of here! These are fabulous! I really think it's hard to find decor for boys and these manage to be both boyish & charming. Love them!

silly eagle books said...

thank you! I have never tried to make anything boy-ish yet since I have two girls, but I'm happy with this!

Regina @ Chalk In My Pocket said...

I think these turned out great! I love Alphabeasties and this is a perfect companion craft - if I was still teaching second grade I would totally let the kids come up with something for each letter!

silly eagle books said...

Regina, that sounds like such a fun thing to do with students!

Chels said...

Way to draw inspiration from a book! I'm checking this book out next time we go to the library.
I think they could be used just fine for decorating a room, regardless of the kids' name! It would be fun to make an alphabet set for a preschooler and change what's in the frame each week as you focus on that letter at home.

erica | business cards said...

I personally like this one! I am a fan of typography design and it is so obvious how creative you are after seeing the designs.

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

oh my goodness gracious sakes alive--that PIRATE is to die for!

You know I almost bought you (Juliet) the Alphabeasties book for her birthday...but then I couldn't remember if you had it or wanted it. Anywhoo. Now I have to buy it for myself!

silly eagle books said...

Chels, that is such a fun idea---I'd love to see pics if do it!

silly eagle books said...

Thanks Erica--and Amanda, I'd be happy to make one for Asa if my slow brother ends up taking this one. :)

Mandy said...

so super cute!!!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

I missed this post somehow. I love it! (And your new blog design.)

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