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February 24, 2011

I've been posting about art this week, so I thought I'd share the art books we have in our home. Be forewarned, this is a very small list, but I hope to add to it in the future!
Usborne The Children's Book of Art: Internet Linked
Usborne The Children's Book of Art is one I bought for Juliet a few years ago and it was a little over her head. I'm thinking that now we could probably pick it up and read a page or two together. (She's 4 now.) I love how it has large images of the artwork--makes it easy to point at and discuss with kids.
Animals in Art (I Spy)
Animals in Art (I Spy) is a fun one that you can use with toddlers even. Each page has a work of art and says I spy with my little eye a _______ (here an animal is mentioned). So kids look in the painting for a pig or a rabbit or a tortoise etc. Very fun and a creative way to get kids to look closely at the paintings.

Paintings (A First Discovery Art Book)
Paintings (A First Discovery Art Book) is probably Juliet's favorite of the ones we own. It has clear pages that overlap with the paintings which make it pretty interactive and endlessly entertaining to her. Also, the size is very kid-friendly as it fits nicely in her hands and she feels like she is doing something very grown up when she is reading it. There is a seek and find game at the end that has you look through the book to find different details from the paintings. She just started thinking this was a fun activity.
Landscapes (First Discovery/Art)
Landscapes (First Discovery/Art) We also own this one which is exactly like the painting one with clear overlays, but I couldn't find it as I was writing this post, so I don't have as many details to share with you! Juliet loves it for all the same reasons as the painting one.
Portraits (First Discovery/Art)
Portraits (First Discovery/Art) We do not have this one, but I am always on the lookout for it! (I found the first two at our Goodwill, so I am hopeful to find the third someday soon.)

What are your favorite art books for kids?

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