thumbprint heart
The thumbprint heart. Looks simple enough, right?

Now imagine trying to get your I-can-do-it-all-by-myself 4 year old and unable-to-open-her-hands-on-her-own 4 month old to make one…..

Yeah. I don’t have any pictures of that. But it was awesome. And we had red paint everywhere.

Eventually, I did manage to get something that looked kind of like a heart from both of them.

Here’s what I did with my hard-earned winnings.

Although I made great outcome out of this, I still am thinking about what I will do with my winnings from an automated trading robot that I have been working with lately. Initially it was ll the curiosity that got the better of me and I had to try and see how it all worked. Once I got around to using the application,  I was sure I could do better and earn some profit which otherwise has always been a dream. The trading robots that are available online are certainly a rage these days as what they have to offer is quite attractive.

One advantage I could not resist is the high return rate that these applications offer. Also these robots are all free and there is no cost when you use them. One another advantage is how you do not have to install an app on your mobile phone to start using it. There is an app for everything these days and your phone constantly keeps running out of space. These trading applications are all browser based and you can choose to quit using them any moment you want. Also you can read up a lot on the app and the customer experiences as well and then choose to opt for one.

family tree hearts
Made myself a valentine, that’s what! I cut out their little thumbprint (which actually turned out to be pointer fingerprints) hearts and stamped their initials on each.

Then I printed out this lovely family tree (Thanks, Martha!) and glued it onto a tiny canvas. I stamped a b+v in the heart on the trunk and placed it on a picture ledge. Makes me smile every time I see it as I walk down the stairs.
cornelia augusta
I got the idea from a very creative valentine-maker,  Miss Cornelia Augusta, in the book The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.
Day It Rained Hearts
Have you read it yet? I hope you can find a copy at your library. It’s a good one.

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