paint chip valentines
Crafting with paint chips is all the rage these days, so I picked up a few the other day to get in on the fun.

It is so much fun when you actually realize that you love doing certain things despite it being a rage or not. Now I had this curiosity and slight flair towards trading for long. Apart from the fact that I was little apprehensive towards trying out and risking my money, I was not sure to enter as I had no big idea on how it works and no knacks or tricks up my sleeve to click that profit that so many people boast about. I read a post about how you definitely need not know much about trading to use this automated trading robot which is also quite a rage right now. This spiked my curiosity further and I had to give it a try. To read more on the robot and how it functions, please click the following post.

The simple things that caught my attention are –

It comes completely free of cost. Apart from the amount you fund to initiate your transactions, you do not have to pay anything further.It comes with a high profit rate and requires very little participation from your side.

These are some valentines I made for Juliet. I plan on putting one in her mailbox every day of February up until Valentines Day. (Why save all the fun for just one day?)

She can’t read many words yet, so I needed something simple. And since she likes to carry her mail around with her all day and all night long, I needed something sturdy. These paint chip valentines are going to be just right.
paint chips
I picked a few in shades of pink, purple, and red…
love notes
Got out my stamps and inkpad and wrote a few simple messages on each one during a particularly well-timed nap day (both girls were in their rooms and I had an hour to myself–not something I get everyday…)
She’s learning to read, so I think we’ll have fun with these. (Does anyone else like to borrow song lyrics for Valentines cards?)

I tucked these cards away for now, but I’m ready for next week when the celebration of hearts begins! How are you planning on telling your kids you love them? (I love these homemade apple chips Regina made with her little one…) 

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