instant wallpaper

January 17, 2011

instant wallpaper
When I posted about this book Cranberry Thanksgiving by Harry Devlin, my friend Julie emailed me and told me how she and her sister used to use the inside cover of the book as "instant wallpaper" for her dolls when they were kids.

I love the way kids are creative with their toys and especially with books. I grabbed a few of Juliet's dollhouse residents and tried it out for ourselves.

Pretty cute, don't you think?

This got me thinking about artistic inside might see a post on a few more of these coming soon.

I'd love to hear of any of your favorite books with particularly enchanting inside covers...
Cranberry Valentine
We loved this book during the Thanksgiving season and were really excited to pick up Cranberry Valentine at the library last week! (I'm working on the Valentine book post!)

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