I shared how we made some state-inspired Christmas tree ornaments a few days ago. Today I wanted to share my inspiration with you!

Design Mom wrote about a shop called The Curiosity Shop a few months ago and I fell in love with this little beauty….

It’s cut from a paint-by-numbers canvas and I thought it was beautiful. I’ve been thinking of how I could recreate it and this is what I came up with! I think that once Juliet starts painting landscape scenes, I’ll mod podge one of those onto some cardboard and cut another few. A series of these would be beautiful–and I’d have an nice record of her art over the years in a fun format.

Anything and everything when used in a fun format becomes very interesting even for us, adults. For instance I have been extremely intrigues by the automated trading robot which has been making round for quite some time now. Now a robot which could entirely take care of all our transactions and leave the fun part of withdrawing the profits to us would interest anybody right? Now all he difficult part is handled by the robot and you get to enjoy all the money that too free of cost is not a bad deal. You do not have to even download or install the application on your device and can use it on your browser which is an added advantage.

When I read about this application and found enough resource for this article, I was sure that I will be trying it out. And being a non number person I was pretty sure that I could not learn much on the industry and trading tricks and concepts as well. The experience turned out to be enriching and trust me you do not have to be good at numbers nor be proficient in any trading methods to try your hands on this automated trading robot

cat map

Here it is next to the kitty so you can see how big it is in real life…

I’ve toyed with the idea of making a few of these as gifts for grandparents–just trying to think of the perfects shape for them.

What shape would you do?

i made this

I mentioned this book the other day Puzzle Maps USA by Nancy L. Clouse. Every time we read this page, Juliet says, “I made that!”

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