santa's sleigh ornament craft for kids

December 13, 2010

santa's sleigh
We made this santa's sleigh ornament last year out of an empty tape dispenser! It was very easy and very fun. I was happy to see that it survived being stored in a box for a year!
At some point during this past year, I picked up this Night Before Christmas Pop Up book--You know how I love these! (Designed by Paul Taylor and Illustrated by Marvin Brehm)
The illustrations are so beautiful to me. And most of the flaps and pull tabs still work despite its age!
We've had several discussions about what a sugar plum is dad says it's a dried plum with sugar on it...does anyone know for sure?
There's Santa in his sleigh! Sadly, this page doesn't work very well anymore.

Do you have a favorite Santa craft or book to share?

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Ticia said...

I love the tape dispenser sleigh!

artsy_momma said...


Bitterroot Mama said...

That sled is adorable!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Cute craft. Our favorite Santa book - How Santa Got His Ho-Ho-Ho.

welcome to our wonderland said...

oh my gosh I love this and we will have at least 2 of those left over soon :) thanks for sharing

I just bought and posted about a calendar you would love check it out:

KasiaJ said...

How awesome that you saw a tape dispenser and made it into a sleigh. I would never have thought of it, but it's totally the perfect shape. Super cute!

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