homemade bottle cap ornaments for kids

December 24, 2010

Are you tired of bottle cap projects yet? I hope not. I have a ton in a jar under my sink, so these post will just keep coming! (What can I say? We like our juice in this house.)
I've mentioned this book before Hugless Douglas by David Melling--it's become a favorite in our house (thanks to Tiger Tales!) And even though it looks like we cut up the book, I assure you that we would never do such a thing. But we did cut up the book cover.

The possibilities for this project are endless--you could choose any character your child loves.
Book covers tend to get mangled at our house--so I like to remove them and avoid the destruction. I have a big pile of them sitting in the craft closet* and thought this would be a good way to reuse them.

*When I say "craft closet" I mean pile of mess at the bottom of my kitchen pantry. Full disclosure here, folks. 

I also have the aforementioned collection of bottle caps to choose from, so we pulled out these nice big green lemonade lids. (I had a bit of an addiction to lemonade during the pregnancy...)
Juliet had fun mod podging the caps and placing the images on top. (She also rather enjoyed picking the dried glue from her fingers...)
When they dried, I hot glued some ribbon to the sides to make hangers and then Juliet hung them on the tree! Now Hugless Douglas can be a part of our Christmas decor for years to come.

Which book character would your kids love to see hanging from the tree?


welcome to our wonderland said...

those turned out so cute! we frame book covers but we might have to do this next time :)

sleepyhead designs studio said...

Adorable! Love recycled stuff too. Always looking for things to do with jar lids, etc. Love your state ornaments too featured on Mod Podge Rocks. Those would be great gifts to send to out of town friends!

Love and Lollipops said...

I really love this idea!! These make terrific decorations. Good job!!

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