create a personalized video message from santa for your child

December 14, 2010

I don't know if you do the Santa thing at your house, but if you do (or even if you don't!) this is pretty fun. It's a website called Portable North Pole and you can type in some information about your child and create a free video message from Santa!

You just type in your child's name and a few other details (like if they've been eating their vegetables, listening to their parents, the name of a special gift they've requested, etc.) and you can upload a few pictures of them (this part is optional, but if your children can't read yet, it makes the video more exciting when they see their little faces in Santa's special book.)

Santa will say your child's name and show her his special book which contains her name and a few pictures of her. Then he'll tell her to be kind and generous and show her around his workshop.

I did this for Juliet the other day and she loved it. (Even though she'll tell you that Santa is only in movies and books, she still got a kick out of seeing her picture in his special book.)

To create a personalized video for your child, go here!

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Judy said...

That was amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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