Name book: Adelaide

November 18, 2010

Adelaide by Tom Ungerer

Look what I found!! Another name book for my list of books with little girl's names in them. I am especially excited for this one because #1: it is such a cute cover and #2: it's one of my favorite names. 

(You can see more images from inside the book at one of my favorite blogs: Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves)

In fact, it was the name I wanted for Lucia, but Ben vetoed it. Do you have a name like that? The one you wanted to name your child, but your husband or wife vetoed? 


Chels said...

Yep, a whole list of girl's names was shot down instantly by my husband. I really wanted Samantha for our first. Luckily our son's name was an instant winner. So far with #3 there's been no discussion-- probably because I know what''s going to happen!

That's a beautiful name. I think you like beautiful things!

Ben said...

Trajan, Santonio, Bullet, and Steel. ;)

Bitterroot Mama said...

My husband hated every name I liked, with no suggestions of his own. I finally narrowed it down to Laurel and Julia and he picked Laurel in the delivery room. I love Adelaide too. It's beautiful.

Adelaide's Mom said...

My daughter is Adelaide Snow. Had not seen this book. Adding it to my gift wishlist. Thank you! Love the blog.

Cheers from Utah

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