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November 3, 2010

not the sort of card you get from us...
It's time to start thinking about Christmas cards...I know it's only November, but last year we waited too late and ended up not sending any. So this year, I vowed to get started on the project early enough!

Ben and I started a tradition of sending "non-traditional" aka bizarre Christmas cards the year I was pregnant with Juliet. (Think urban rapper theme/pregnant lady in a mini skirt) It was just supposed to be a one-time thing--but our friends and family loved it so much that there is a lot of hype about our cards every year.

We are constantly asked, "Do you have a good idea for this year's card?!!!" And usually, we DON'T. But we pretend we do. And somehow at the last minute, come up with something that ends up making everyone laugh.

I know, I know, why write about this if I am not going to show you any of the pics? (We don't mind embarrassing ourselves in front of our friends, but we have to draw the line at embarrassing ourselves on the internet.) Because no matter what theme we go with, we always make use of a card-generating service like Shutterfly. We take the crazy picture, upload it to Shutterfly, and send in our order. It's easy. And I like easy.

Speaking of easy, how easy is this photo card? Sometimes I type up a little summary of our year and include it in the envelope with the picture, but this would eliminate the need for that step! You can just type in your top ten moments directly into the card!
And even though we didn't send a Christmas card last year, we joked about sending a New Year's one...but still didn't manage that. But this card is making me think that maybe I might prefer a New Year's Card after all! Look how modern and colorful this is!

Bloggers, are you interested in receiving 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly? Click on this link to find out how!


Annette W. said...

We are not creative, but I just signed up for the promotion. Thanks for sharing!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

You are so unfair! :)

I was just thinking yesterday that Christmas cards were around the corner. They seem to be a dying art, unfortunately. Each year I receive less.

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