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November 4, 2010

Today Maya from Memetales shares her 5 books with us!

We LOVE books and stories in our household. With 2 little chatty girls, it isn't much of a surprise at all. We have bookshelves everywhere, just to make sure the girls pick up a variety of books to read and not read the same ones over and over and over again.
Yet, there are some books the girls absolutely love and will pick them up no matter what ad I am excited to share them with you!

1. Sally Jean the Bicycle Queen

This book has been on our top list for over a year. She has just started bicycling when my daughter first got this book. We have checked the book out multiple times since.

I especially love the book since it give girls such a positive role model. A little girl who loves to bike so much that she saves money, works the summer and builds her bike from scrap. My 4 year old is an absolute tom boy and she loves most things boys would - cars, trucks, bicycles and legos. I love for her to read books and play with toys made for HER interests - not made for "girls". This book is absolutely one of those. I wish people wrote more books like these!

She knows enough to recognize the words. She cannot wait until I take a picture - she starts to read it right away.

I asked her for her favorite page. There it is!

This book is a real treat. If you have a girl that loves her bike, she will love this book!

2. Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jacky Davis

This is one book I am tired of reading. Once again, this is a book that appeals to the free spirit within my girls. And yes, we have a dog as well.

A wonderful story about all the creative and imaginative things this little girl Lulu does when she has to spend a whole morning herself. After being called "too little" by her brother and not allowed to play baseball with him, she sets out to discover how big and strong she is herself. Every single time I read it for my girls, I can sense a feeling of victory in them - that is how strongly they relate to her!

Their favorite part of the story... when Lulu sits on a tree and measure her brother between her thumb and index finger. "I am not little," she says "You're little".

It is also the part that I never have to read, since the girls want t read it themselves.

We read it enough that the pages are rather crumpled. And yes, I am only happy about that!

3. Grandma's Pear Tree - Written by Suzanne Santillan and Illustrated by Atilio Pernisco

Grandma's Pear is a mostly English picture book that introduces a few Spanish words throughout. I absolutely LOVE this book for that concept and the lovely illustrations. My girls and I enjoy learning a few Spanish words and quizzing each other throughout the story.

How adorable are those illustrations?!

This always reminds my kids of their grandmas - both overseas. And that touches my heart.

4. Forces Make Things Move - Written by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Ever since my my 4 year old (since she was 3.5) started asking me a gazzillion questions, I started picking up some Science related picture books. Since she is so curious, I thought I would check out and see if these books offer great ways to engage with her and teach her in the process. Forces that Make Things Move is a great book that makes my girls read, try things and learn - all at the same. Since it would be boring just to read the book, I always have them try things like push the bookshelves, chairs, tables and so on. The book even introduces the concept of gravity and falling down! A little hard for my kids to grasp but they tried jumping "UP" but they did end up falling "DOWN". Now they call that gravity !

The pictures are great and makes the kids want to try things themselves!

Of course, I love to think my kids are learning something. Oh well, I ended up learning quite a bit from this book myself!

5. Rufus' First Night Alone - Written by Miranda Van Den Huevel, Illustrated by DaveMcTaggart

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Rufus' First Night Alone-Pros...
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This was the first book published at my children's book website Memetales. Little Lele loses his friend Rufus the Lion for one night. When Rufus is nowhere to be found, Lele is really sad. It is a lovely story that teaches kids that sometimes even the best of friends need some time away, to themselves.

My kids love the characters in the book. They really relate to friends and family being away since I travel on work and a lot of our family is overseas. It is a great book to teach kids that even while I am at home, I need some time to myself.
How to Draw Rufus
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How to Draw Rufus
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The kids also love that there a video that teaches them how to draw Lele and Rufus. They enjoy drawing their favorite characters every time they read the book.

Thank you, Maya! I love your choices and am particularly inspired to check out some Science books! We usually read fiction, so it's always good to get some good non-fiction recommendations.

If you have not visited Memetales, you must head over now! It's a wonderful place where you can read children's books online, discover fun activity and crafts that go with those books, and showcase your kid's creations.

There is so much you can do on Memetales--if you write a children's book, you can list it there, if you are a crafter, you can list book theme related crafts, if you blog, you can contribute reviews, posts, and activities....

Head over and check it out! You'll love what you find!


Minnie said...

Wow, what great reviews. I totally appreciate the plot summary but especially why this is appealing to your girls. I'm inspired to check out several of these books. And to do more with our science books, which I've been picking up here and there but mostly read for reference when my son asks me questions (ie. what kind of lizard do we have living in our backyard!).

Maya said...

Thanks Minnie!
Really enjoyed writing this post :)

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