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October 11, 2010

The wonderful children's book blogger, Shannon, of Welcome to Our Wonderland shares her daughter's top 5 favorite books with us today!

Princesses top 5 book list:

1: Madeline Series by Ludwig Bemelmans

Princess LOVES, did i mention she LOVES all the Madeline books? We both do! they are sweet classic stories we love reading together!

2: Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry

Both my girls and I LOVE this book! This is a all time classic that has been around for ages. You just can't go wrong with old classics, great stories wonderful illustrations.

1 Is One
3: 1 is One by Tasha Tudor

We love this counting book, the illustrations are great and we love the poem-like book.

Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (Read & Hear)
4: Poetry Speaks to Children

This is by far the best poetry book for children of all ages. This is a favorite of both my 4 and almost 10 year old. I LOVE this book and its a great gift book to give to new moms and children for their birthday or any holiday.

The Abc Bunny (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage Book Series)
5: The ABC Bunny by Wanda Gag

I've been reading this book since I was a teenager that babysat; I read it to my PreK kids when I was their teacher, and have read it to my girls.  We really enjoy this alphabet book. 

As you can tell by this amazing list, you are sure to find a ton more amazing book recommendations on her blog! Let me just say that as soon as I saw Marshmallow, (I've never read this or even heard of it!) I immediately did a search on my library's catalogue and requested it. I also requested EVERY other book written by this author because the illustrations look so gorgeous. I cannot wait to read them!

Tasha Tudor is, of course, one of my favorites! Love that counting book!

The poetry book is so intriguing to me--I've never read this one, but LOVE poetry, so I think it will go on a Christmas wishlist. (Poor Juliet. Isn't she the one who should be writing to Santa and not me?)

And lastly, I've read Wanda Gag's Millions of Cats, but not the ABC Bunny--it is also on my request list from the library! You know I can't resist a good ABC book! 


welcome to our wonderland said...

aww thanks for your kind words about my blog! I LOVE LOVE LOVE yours!!! I find so many amazing books on silly eagle books. :)

Hope you all are doing great and getting lots of snuggles :)

Belle said...

My youngest daughter's favorite book was, "The 500 hats of Bartholemew Cubbins." by Dr. Seuss. She loved Madeline too. My older daughter's favorite was, "If I Ran the Zoo." Dr. Seuss also.

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