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October 27, 2010

I am Jackie and I blog at Pocketful of Posies where I share activities for preschoolers.  I would like to thank Vanessa for letting me hang out at her blog today while she is enjoying her new little one.  
Having four children of my own plus teaching preschool means I read a lot of children's books.  Here is a list of five books that have special meaning to me. 
I remember reading this book as a child...No, No, Natalie by Grace E. Moremen.  My grandparents got me this book for my second birthday and I still have the same copy with the inscription they wrote inside.  I remember my parents reading this book over and over to me, and it is one that my children have had me read over and over to them. (For an activity idea Jackie did with this book, click here.)
Love You Forever
The book that makes me cry...Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.  I cannot read this book without crying my eyes out.  I always think about my kids being grown-up and just bawl and bawl.  I am such a softy.

Thomas the Tank Engine: The Complete Collection
My child is currently obsessed with...Any book about Thomas the Tank Engine.  My 5 year old always goes straight for the Thomas books when we go to the library.  He is so into Thomas that those are the only books he wants to check out.

Small Pig (I Can Read Book 2)
The book that makes me laugh out loud...The Small Pig by Arnold Lobel.  Well, I don't laugh so much at it anymore, but my little ones still do.  My mom used to read this book to me when I was a child.  We used to raise pigs so it was fun to read for that reason.  However, when the small pig got stuck in the sidewalk my mom would always say "This mud is strange!" in a funny way and I would just laugh and laugh.  I do the same voice and my children laugh, too.

The Little House
My favorite vintage book...The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton.  This book was also one of my childhood favorites.  Being a country girl probably makes me love the story even more.  Seasons change and years pass in the course of this book, but the little pink house was still the same.  It is just a sweet story that makes me remember how my life has changed since I first read the book as a little girl.
Thanks for letting me share some of the books we love.  I have always loved books and hope I am instilling a love of books in my own children.

Thank you so much, Jackie! love Virginia Lee Burton and Arnold Lobel, too! Haven't read Small Pig yet, though! I love anything that will make me or Juliet laugh out loud.

If you haven't checked out Jackie's blog, head over! She has amazing ideas for teaching preschoolers. Always a huge source of inspiration for me!

And as for Love You Forever, I'll admit to not being able to read that thing without choking up either! I don't know that I have EVER made it through  a reading without crying! Anyone else want to confess? 

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Jackie said...

Thanks so much for letting me share 5 books with you and your readers today. I always enjoy reading your blog and was glad to be a part of it today. Take care.

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