diamond earring review

September 17, 2010

diamond earrings
These beauties arrived in the mail this week from diamondearrings.org. They sent me a free pair of simulated diamond stud earrings to review (minus the cat hair). Being a lover of sparkly things, I gladly accepted.
diamond earring
Unfortunately for me, I have a little girl who also is a lover of sparkly things and who fancies herself a princess. So, she of course, took immediate possession of the earrings.

And she's been wearing them ever since.

I tried to get her to switch back to her old earrings so I could try them out, but she declined the offer.

That's what I get for letting her read books like this: 
Disney Princess Collection (Disney Storybook Collections)

If you'd like a pair, they are offering free pairs for review. Just visit their site for more details.

Just make sure you don't let your daughter see them.

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Silver Rose said...

LOL....Disney is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I don't know what I will do when I have kids. My children's lit professor thought they were the devil. All in moderation!

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